I don’t think a “fuck you” has ever started a healthy debate


Well, my guess is that at some point between Saturday night and Sunday morning, someone posted the facebook page of European Fur Breeders’ Association on an animal rights forum and encouraged others to go on the page and join in with their opinion. At least, that is how I am imagining the whole thing going down because I woke up Sunday morning to at least 15 notifications on my facebook and it turned out to be, let’s say, not so pleasant messages to whoever were behind the page, which, among others, would be me.


I grew up on a fur farm and before university I worked for a year on my parents’ mink farm. Growing up on a farm often means that all family members partake in the work on the farm and my family was no exception. I was therefore, from a very early age, used to helping out with the mink and know pretty much everything about the seasons on the farm. Working with fur animals, and with any animals in general, demands a special kind of knowledge, patience and energy as nothing comes easy on a farm. Hard work, early mornings, long hours and a great amount of knowledge are necessities and it therefore always baffles me when people question the real intentions of farmers.


It is therefore always extremely surprising to me when animal rights supporters lash out at farmers for their lack of heart, soul or their cruel intentions. All the fur farmers I know are just very dedicated people who besides working long hours, worrying about the health of the animals and always trying to keep up with new research and legislation, have to face gruesome personal critiques and harsh language in order to defend an industry which are completely legit and controlled.
Abusive language, harsh words and cursing never really helped anybody in any kind of debate and thus I encourage the Animal Rights supporters to actually participate in a proper debate with science- and knowledge based arguments.
I also assure you that if asked nicely, the fur farmers in Europe would also like to open up their farm for people to come and see the industry with their own eyes.
Give us, or your national fur association, a call and we will arrange a farm visit for you.


  1. There are numerous of famous and world wide recognised people who have claimed that being against, doesn’t change anything, while focusing on being for something, is the only path ahead.
    A simple version is from communication and marketing, where the observation is, that whenever you say, that one should not do so and so, the focus will not be on what you shouldn’t do but rather on the so and so.
    In other words, if you really believe that things shall be different – find the positive angle and everything may very well move much faster in your direction.
    Personally I wonder why some people, claiming to fight for a good cause, are so afraid to stand up for their opinions.

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