Think twice – you are welcome to hate us afterwards


60% of the Europeans believe fur farming in Europe should be banned, and that is just about a fair reason why this blog is needed. One thing is all the good people (I know quite a few of them) who will lose their livelihood if fur farming in Europe is shut down. But more importantly, way too many Europeans base their opinion about fur and fur farming in Europe on wrong assumptions about the industry.

For instance, a recent survey from independent market research company Ipsos shows that millions of Europeans believe fur animals farmed in Europe often or always are skinned alive. Others just generally believe the animal welfare conditions on fur farms are miserable, and others again think fur farmed animals are non-domesticated, wild animals going insane because they long for freedom.

As much as I respect each and every individual’s right to have her opinion based on whatever notion or idea that passes through her life, I am also a keen fan on informed choices. Both from practical experience as well as from surveys, we know that people, who have been on a fur farm and seen the conditions with their own eyes, are much more likely to have a positive attitude towards fur and fur farming. Now we are not likely to see some 500 million Europeans visiting our farms, but I am sure less will do the trick.

It is fair to say that myths and prejudices about the fur sector are alive and kicking, and the objective of this blog is to create some balance in the sometimes not so enlightened debate about fur. From where I am sitting it certainly looks as though there is room to turn around some of those 60% with some plain information about real life in rural Europe.

Therefore, you are welcome to hate me and the industry I work for. But kindly obtain a little information before you do so. Welcome to Fur for Thought – a blog from the European fur sector.

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