What else is old news?


News Agency Reuters reports that American fur farmers now are scrambling to keep up with China’s demand of fur. We understand that this recent situation has arrived after an economic downturn and years of animal rights activism. Well, put that way it sure is news. The news is however, quite old.

Fur farmers, Americans and Europeans, sure were hit by the global recession. The fall of some American financial institutions in late 2008 could be observed at the price levels in the world’s fur auction houses throughout 2009. But by the end of 2009 the financial crisis was over for the part of the world’s fur farmers. Average 2010-price levels exceeded those of 2008 – and all other previous years. During a fur sales season, fur farmers will always gossip about which auction in the season will give them the highest prices. In recent years, the answer has been simple: Each fur auction is better than the previous (the latest record was thus set at the latest mink auction at Kopenhagen Fur – European produced mink skins average 82 euro per skin at the moment).

True enough though, the demand for fur is much fuelled by China, Russia, South Korea, and cold weather, but contrary to what people may think (because the animal rights movement likes to give that impression – say fur free retailers?) the traditional markets are not in any kind of decline. Fur markets grow everywhere. It is really not news.

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